Saturday, September 18, 2021

UK has highest poverty rate in north west Europe – and it’s about to get even worse

"The UK is suffering from a growing Tory poverty crisis - with the worst levels of any country in north west Europe."

Figures compiled by the SNP reveal that the UK suffers from the worst levels of poverty of any neighbouring country, and has done for almost all of the past twenty years – and it’s about to get even worse.

The analysis from the House of Commons Library shows that the UK has the highest poverty rate of every country in north west Europe, with 11.7% of people living in relative poverty under the OECD definition.

This puts the UK in a worse position than all thirteen neighbouring countries, including Iceland (4.9%), Denmark (6.1%), Finland (6.5%), Belgium (8.2%), the Netherlands (8.3%), Norway (8.4%), France (8.5%), Sweden (8.9%), Ireland (9.0%), Switzerland (9.2%), Austria (9.4%), Germany (10.4%), and Luxembourg (11.4%)

The figures, using OECD data, show that the UK has a significantly higher poverty rate than the average for independent countries of Scotland’s size or smaller (7.7%), and has had the worst or second-worst poverty rate in every single year since UK data was first recorded in 2002.

It comes as Chancellor Rishi Sunak refuses to heed calls not to slash Universal Credit payments for six million families by £1040 a year from September, despite recent research showing that it will leave millions unable to afford a basic standard of living.

The move has been described as “catastrophic” by the Children’s Commissioner for Scotland, who has warned the cuts would “effectively knock out the benefits that the Scottish Child Payment brings”.

Commenting, SNP Work and Pensions spokesperson David Linden MP said: “The UK is suffering from a growing Tory poverty crisis – with the worst levels of any country in north west Europe.

Rishi Sunak’s plans to slash Universal Credit payments by £1040 a year for six million families, and impose a public sector pay freeze, will inevitably make this crisis even worse and push more people into hardship and deprivation. There must be an urgent U-turn.

“The cold hard reality is there will be no fair recovery at Westminster. The only way to keep Scotland safe from Tory cuts and build a fairer society is to become an independent country, with the full powers needed to secure a strong, fair and equal recovery and eradicate poverty.

“For every step we take forward to tackle poverty in Scotland, Westminster is dragging us backwards again with Tory cuts.

“The SNP government is putting money into people’s pockets with progressive policies like the Scottish Child Payment but Tory cuts to Universal Credit will effectively cancel this out – wiping out progress we’ve made.

“Tory plans to impose another round of austerity cuts demonstrate that Scotland is increasingly vulnerable under Westminster control.

“It is essential that Scotland becomes an independent country, so we can protect ourselves from Tory cuts and build a fairer future.”

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  1. according to the internet the “gov” suspended paying the department of disease prevention before the outbreak, add this to 2008 banking crisis, and brexit, where we lost 25% of the value of a pound, with all the hidden raises for the poor “steath taxes”. Tiawan is apparently an Island like us, but they didn’t close their disease prevention and apparently it worked, the bills since 2010 are going to be off the charts, I was preparing for all this since 2008 , since I didn’t want to get caught in a landslide, I had a good job which went to a foreign country (i’m told [to make better profits] – i’m not complaining over spilled milk), and nobody lawfully voted in the alliance in 2010 cos it was a hung parliament, it was swagged without a democratic vote by the people (again spilled milk) labour lost all of it’s scottish votes during devolution which everyone in government allowed, millions of left wing votes now prop the right wing, and to think there to be a monster raving loony party lol… I apologise to good people who’s parents/grandparents, fought for our fair and equal right and freedoms… stay strong


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